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A piece I did a whiiiiiiiiile ago….2011 I thinks…
Found this on my computer titled “PLEASE END” haha…I remember having trouble coloring this…sooo I never uploaded it…buuuut I did put alot of time and effort drawing the damn thing so I think it’s time I uploaded it! 
Something Blue is coming soon! 

Some more stuff I did for WEWANA Play! Actually did some animation for once…though just simple but effective! 

Still working on stuff for WEWANA Play…I definitely incorporated my own style into this one :) 
An updated version of my previous poster that I worked on for a company I am currently working for.
100x better than my previous version in my opinion! 
This is quite the old piece, but I only realized that I’ve never uploaded it on mah tumblr.
Zombies Don’t Love, They Eat 
A poster design I did for a video game facebook like thing application. It’s called Wewana Play, so go check it out if you want! 
'Smoke 'n Skull'
Been awhile since I did something like this…it feels…Gooooood
Well…it’s about damn time I uploaded this! My twisted tale of Little Red Riding Hood…I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile but here it is, Enjoy!